• April 6, 2017 - April 11, 2017
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

dsc_0545During the weekend of 8 – 9 April Optispring will be held in Marine Port Zélande. We’re proud to announce we’re hosting the official clinic before and after the event. This Regatta will be one out of the 3 qualifiers for the Worlds & European teams from Belgium and Netherlands. For other countries we consider this one of the best leading ups’s to their ranking event. During the 2 day clinic leading up to the event we will focus on local conditions and fine tune the sailors racing tactics and strategies. During the event we’ll provide coaching. After the event the focus will be more on evaluating the races and practicing on different scenario’s which we’ve seen during the previous racing days.

Thursday 6 April training day
Friday 7 April training day
Saturday 8 April racing day
Sunday 9 April racing day
Monday 10 April training day
Tuesday 11 April training day

Focus points
local conditions

Training day schedule
10.00 Warming up
10.30 Briefing
11.45 Launch
16.30 Cooling down
17.00 De-brief
18.00 End of training

Racing Day schedule

Extra information

Over the past few years we had sailors from multiple countries participating, for example: Belgium, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Malta, United States of America, Hong Kong, Sint Lucia, Bermuda, Canada, … We’re looking forward to coach you!

If you need any new material to get your boat in optimal condition, we’re able to provide this with free delivery cost at the event. Please email info@8daysaweek.be.

We have (limited) Winner 3D star boats available for charter.

Please register below, where you can also find our general terms. Any other questions or requires email info@8daysaweek.be.