Age 23 year
Function Coach
A couple results as coach
  • 2nd & 3th Belgian Championship 2014
  • 2nd Senior British Nationals 2015
A couple results as a sailor
  • United 4 Overall 2012
  • 9th ISAF Worlds Cyprus
Languages Dutch, French, English
Being only 8 years old I started sailing optimist. This was the start of 7 years full of learning. After this I moved on to 420, in which I helmed 3 years with Vince Dergent. Thanks to a good colaboration with the Dutch national team, we qualified twice for European Championship and once for the ISAF Youth Worlds were we finished in 9th place. Whilst I started studying I started a campaign in SL16 with Marie Demesmaeker. Where fun leaded to multiple prizes. At this stage I’m enjoying coaching combined with studying medics.