If you can’t explain it simple, you don’t know it well enough

Age 26 year
Function Founder / Coach
A couple results as coach
  • 1st & 2nd Palamos international Trophy 2013
  • 2nd Selection trails UK 2014
  • 1st La Semana del Atlantico ciudad de Vigo 2014
A couple results as a sailor
  • 11 YEC 2004 420 Lago Di Garda
  • 1st United 4 overall 2003
Languages Dutch, French, english

At the age of 10 Pieter was already in a boat, learning how to sail himself. After sailing on an international level in Optimist, 420 and Laser standard, he started coaching. What started 7 years ago as has turned in to a full time profession. Which influences the passion and dedication how Pieter does his job. Trough the years there have been several campaigns and teams Pieter worked for, some of them were the Belgian 420 national team, Belgian optimist national team, several international training teams, … Besides that the coaching company 8 days a week was founded and organized plenty of programs, clinics and regatta coaching over the past years.