Age24 years
A couple results as coach
  • 2nd & 3th Belgian Championship 2014
  • 2nd Senior British Nationals 2015
A couple results as a sailor
  • United 4 Overall 2012
  • 9th ISAF Worlds Cyprus 2013
LanguagesDutch, French, English, Spanish

Being only 8 years old, Thomas started sailing in an Optimist boat. This was his start of 7 instructive years in Optimist.

After this Thomas moved on to 420, in which he helmed 3 years with Vince Dergent. They qualified twice for European Championship and once for the ISAF Youth Worlds, where they finished in 9th place. At the same time Thomas started studying, he started a campaign in SL16 with Marie Demesmaeker. Lots of fun, leading to multiple prizes and awards. At this stage Thomas is coaching for 8 Days a Week, combined with studying medicine.